New Directions in Teaching Memoir: A Studio Workshop Approach

Dawn Latta Kirby and Dan Kirby (2007) provide a comprehensive system of strategies and philosophies for teaching the reading and writing of memoirs in the contemporary classroom. "New Directions in Teaching Memoir: A Studio Workshop Approach" can be found here.

Teaching Students To Read & Write A Memoir

A Sample Unit of Lessons for Middle School Teachers

Jefferson County Public Schools, who in turn cite: Student/Staff Support Teams, Phillips, McCullough 1993 and Collaborative Strategies, Mall (2001), provide a set of 24 lessons designed to help students understand and compose memoirs. The unit plan is designed specifically for middle school students, but according to the authors of the document, can easily be modified to suit older or younger students. The unit plan can be found here.

Encyclopedia of Women's Autobiography

This is an anthology of women's autobiographies. These autobiographies would potentially be a good supplement to curriculum that would include women--not forcefully and awkwardly, for the sake of including a few women's pieces in a male-dominated canon--but naturally. The autobiographies themselves would also make good pieces to study. With such a large collection of autobiographies, the possibilities really are limitless. This would likely make a good all-purpose book to draw from for any course of study, but Greenwood Publishing Group's website provides many reviews and much information for consideration, which can be found here.